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Maggie is an adorable little fluff, good-natured and sweet. She is almost always confused -- not the brightest crayon in the box -- but she is always curious to see what is going on, even if she rarely figures it out. You’ll often find her sitting in the corner, staring at the wall at something you will never see. She also loves to follow me around the house when I’m home, though she pretends she isn't; it is just a coincidence that she is getting a drink of water the same time I'm in the kitchen. But the slightest noise or shadow and she flies out of the room to the other side of the house. Sometimes she does it for no reason at all.


Baxter is the most handsome cat you'll ever find...and he knows it. He may be a cross between a cat and a bunny, because he has the silkiest fur I have ever felt. He delights in flopping upside down in the sun with his feetsies stretched out as far as they will go. Baxter is full of a devious intelligence: he always knows what's going on. He is the kind of cat who delights in hiding in tubes so he can bat at his human's feet. He has figured out where the laser pointer is coming from and watches your hand instead of the red dot. In the morning, Baxter sits on the nightstand and methodically knocks one thing after another off of it until his humans get up and feed him.

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